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Polk Street School

Polk Street History


  • Polk Street School was constructed in 1942.
  • Ground was broken on November 21st, 1941, just two weeks before the start of World War II. 
  • Had the board of education waited until the start of World War II, construction would have been delayed until 1947 due to the prohibition of civilian construction in wartime.
  • In June of 1992, Polk Street School held their 50th Birthday! A capsule was buried with many items. The capsule will be opened in 2042, the 100th Birthday of Polk Street School.
  • When the original building was constructed there was a "Bicycle Room" in the basement for students to put their bikes during the school day.
  • Students would visit the dentist at school. The original dentist cabinet is still at Polk Street.
  • In the past, Polk Street had a "Train Room" where students would learn about the transit system. 




This photograph shows the sixth-grade class of Mr. Finger at Polk Street School in 1960.