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District Profile

Vision Statement

We Can! We Will!

Our Mission

The Franklin Square School District is committed to educating elementary students by providing a productive learning environment in cooperation with family so that each child is given a solid Foundation for Success in order to become a contributory member of the community by learning, growing and reaching his/her potential.

Belief Statement

  1. The students are our primary responsibility.
  2. All members of the Franklin Square School District community must be treated with dignity and respect.
  3. Cooperation among and commitment from all members of the Franklin Square School District community is essential for success in learning.
  4. Effective teaching is the core of education and will be expected, respected, encouraged, and supported.
  5. A strong educational program will promote lifelong learning. High quality resources, a well educated staff, and a clearly defined curriculum are qualities of a strong educational program.
  6. The on-going evaluation and application of new methods and technologies in the classroom are essential to maintain excellence in a changing world.
  7. Excellence in education must be provided within the fiscal resources of the community.
  8. Adults must model behavior which reflects these values and beliefs.