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6th Grade Sports Night

6th grade sports night was an exciting and competitive night! We each created a banner for our class with our team name and color. The teams included: "Laney Lords," "Mythical Messados," "Roller Raccoons," "Psaros Pirates" and "Banana Savages." 
We teamed up with our parents to compete in tug-o-war, 3 legged race, scooter race, beach ball relay and the hula hoop chain. It was so much fun!

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FS District Musical

This year the District Musical was The Little Mermaid, Jr. It was an amazing show that featured so many of our talented students.

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John Street News

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Where students report on the amazing happenings at John Street School.


Solar Eclipse Video

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5th Grade Science Fair

John Street School brings the 5th grade science fair!!!!!!!!!!!! All 5th graders worked so hard on their science fair project. Check out the pictures to see their hard work and amazing projects. Family members, 4th grade students and teachers and administration was invited to take a walk around the cafeteria to see all the projects set up. 5th graders dressed up and presented their experiments. A big thank you to all the hard working students!

By Emma

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Circus Came To Town!

The Circus happened and had some amazing acts! There were balancers who balanced a peacock feather on their hand, without moving! There were also sticks (called flower sticks or devil sticks) who do amazing tricks like the bow tie, the belt and much more! There were also stilts and students in grades 5 and 6  walked on stilts without any help! Clowns that were hilarious and giant yo-yos called Diablos! There were many, many, MANY more magical acts and the memories that will last a lifetime! Hope you went to the circus! Credits to JSS PTA, Mr. Rich and Mr. Andre for directing the circus, and coaching all of our spectacular circus acts!

By Ryan, Delilah & Ava

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Well, here it is! This month’s comic! The comics will be in color from now on, so enjoy!

By Tony and Lorenzo


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March 2024


WIG Update

WIG Update

Washington Street has walked over 3 million steps and are on track to meet our 10 million step goal. In the spirit of our fitness goal, the WSS building team hosted an obstacle course for our Kindergarten students on “Fitness Friday.”  The students practiced their agility skills while having fun together.



Buddy Classes

WSS students helped their buddy classes with their holiday crafts and visited the book fair together. Some classes even made slime together.

Buddy Classes  Buddy Classes



Submerge Storytelling

Thank you to the WSS PTA for bringing this wonderful program to Washington Street. Mr. L met with students and incorporated a power of learning, exploring evidence based principles and a top secret NASA mission.

       Storytelling  Storytelling