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Kids Corner

Polk Street School

Polk Street Bulldog Mascot

Click on the video below to watch May's PSS Kids Corner Podcast!

Special Guests:  Our Large Group Special Teachers


*6th Grade Silly Sports Night*

Silly Sports Night is the best 6th grade event!  We get to play games with our friends and our parents have fun too! On May 6th, we competed in tug of war, hit the deck, the three-legged race, a partner scooter relay and the beach ball challenge.  Classes each made a poster to represent them.  The teams were: "6P Penguins," "6R Rolly Pollies," "6RS Raging Swampy Shreks"   and "6BS Banana Splits." Check out our photos below: 


*5th & 6th Grade Career Day*

5th & 6th graders enjoyed an informative Career Day! Parents came to school to share their jobs with us.  We learned about the job of a paramedic, a banker, a US Deputy Marshall, an attorney, a civil engineer, a physician assistant, a police sergeant and an HBO Max Sales Agent. We got to ask questions and they brought us prizes & goodie bags.  For example, the paramedic and physician assistant showed us how to use some of their medical equipment.  The banker brought us pens and water bottles from his bank.  What a fun day!


*Our Spring Concert*

Our Spring Concert was such a success!  We were finally able to perform in front of PSS students and our parents.  Thank you, Mrs. Mehserle! Check out our photos below:





John Street News

John Street Cougars mascot


John Street School Grade 5 Trip To Commerce Plaza

John Street School grade 5 students had the opportunity to go on a field trip to Commerce Plaza.   This field trip gives students a business experience to prepare them for the real-world workforce. Each student plays a specific role in the business community that allows them to apply life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, effective communication, and teamwork.

“It felt like real work and we all got our own checkbooks. We were also able to buy some stuff from other people.” “We had our own snacks and lunch breaks with different people too.”

Students  Students

Autism Acceptance Day

Amelie C.


John Street School Grade 6 Trip to Carey H.S.




The John Street School Class of 2022 had orientation for H. Frank Carey High School in April.

“Carey was so much fun!  When we arrived on the bus there was a mascot Seahawk.  We got to see the cheerleaders and the kickline group perform. We got to look at all of the classrooms. We enjoyed getting a tour of the school.  We had an amazing time there.”  

Emma K.


“FSUFSD’s Autism Acceptance Day”

Autism Acceptance Month in April aims to celebrate and promote acceptance for the condition that occurs in one in every 54 children as of 2020 in the United States.  You will see a lot of blue in April as blue is the color for autism awareness.  The puzzle ribbon was adopted in 1999 as the universal sign of autism awareness.  Autism Acceptance Month emphasizes the need for public awareness to promote acceptance, celebrate the differences, and be more inclusive towards autistic individuals around us.

Autism Acceptance Day 

    Students in Class


Savannah V., Eibhlin M.

Guest Author Susan Verde

New York Times Best Selling Author, Susan Verde, visited John Street School on April 5th. The author has written many books including, I Am Human: A Book of Empathy, I Am Love and I Am Peace. 

i am courage graphics 


Text graphic: 'Washington Street School'

6th Grade Big Buddies Off to a GREAT Start!

Washington street students


6th grade students have been joining our kindergarteners at recess to facilitate outdoor games including catch, duck- duck- goose and chalk drawing. Some Kindergarten students shared their thoughts about the start of this new program at Washington Street.


students  student  students


“Is it going to be this fun everyday?”- Mrs. DiFiore’s Kindergarten Student

“I love playing with the big kids because they teach us games.” - Mrs. Miles’ Kindergarten Student

“I want to be a Big Buddy when I get bigger.” Mr. Malinowski’s Kindergarten Student


big buddies logo

students  students

students  students




Washington Street: SPRING CONCERT


Congratulations to all the student performers, Mrs. Tesar and Mr. O‘Connor for a wonderful spring performance.  The songs were so fun to listen to and both students and families enjoyed watching the great talent.


chorus  chorus

chorus  chorus



Featured Cartoonists


During the month of May we celebrate the talented Cartoon artists that provide us with some of the great illustrations that we enjoy so much. In honor of those Cartoonists, 6th and 5th grade students created their own cartoon illustrations. 




Reflecting: Favorite WSS Memory


As part of the final unit in the Lion’s Quest Curriculum, Reflection and Closure,  some 6th grade students shared their favorite Washington Street memory over the years.




“ My two favorite memories from Washington Street were this year’s spring concert and my first grade library trip.” - Samantha W.

“I will always remember my first day of 3rd grade because that was my first time coming to Washington Street.” Eoin M.

“I am going to miss Washington Street. My favorite memory was the spring concert performance. I will also never forget the great field trips.”- Jackelyn A.

 My favorite memory was dressing up like god and goddesses for the Greek God 6th Grade Project. Creating the costumes was a lot of fun.”- Madelynne T.




“ My favorite memory is the great selection of songs for Band this year and being part of the robotics club. I will also miss Mrs. Privitera because she is the best art teacher ever!”- Ella B.

“ I am going to miss being an art helper this year. That was my favorite memory.” - Nicole R.

“My favorite memory was when we played against Mrs. Drosman’s class in kickball. We were very competitive but had a lot of fun.”- Laura M.

“ This year’s spring concert was my favorite memory as a Washington Street student. It was so fun to perform for our families and perform for the school.”- Katie W.

“ My favorite memories will definitely be the music performances, especially this year's spring concert because it was so special.” Jonathan L.