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Polk Street School

Polk Street Bulldog Mascot


"Sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

"I will always remember..."

 ...the fun field trips and how close you become with your class.

-Vicenza L.

...the teachers, principals and field trips!

-Gianna N. first day of Pre-K!

-Haleigh K.

...6th grade field day which was filled with happiness and sadness. I will miss this the most.

-Danny B.

...eating with my friends in the cafeteria.

-Nick M.

...50s Day in Kindergarten.

-Samantha B.

...spending most of the day with friends.

-Sofia V. first day at Polk. I never knew I would make all these amazing friends.

-Jade C.

...going on a real rollercoaster for the first time at Adventureland.

- Giovanni G.

...playing soccer with my friends everyday at recess.

-Giovanni C.

*Field Day*

Check out the fun we had on field day! A big "thank you" to Mr. Chhan and Mr. Skidmore!

Click on the video below to watch:


John Street News

John Street Cougars mascot


Field Day

There were lots of games and it was very fun. My favorite part was the soccer game. I was a goalie and I saved a lot of goals. There were relay races and hockey. It was so hot and I had a lot of fun.

students at field day

Students at Field Day  Students at Field Day

Students at Field Day  Students at Field Day


Field Day 2022



Grade 6 Vs. Staff Kickball Game

Congratulations to the teachers on their win! The final score was 8-6.

Students at kickball game

students at kickball game


Grade 6 Adventureland Trip

adventure island graphic


Adventureland Video



Grade 6 Variety Show

variety graphic


I thought the variety show was very funny and I enjoyed the performances. There was a lot of dancing and some cool pogo jumping. I really liked the solo that one girl did. I thought hockey was very funny. I liked the end where everybody did the dance from High School Musical. I think it was really cool.

Amelie C.

Variety Show Pictures



John Street School Carnival

Students at carnival  Students at carnival


There were a lot of games and many raffles. There were also some stores where you could buy jewelry, clothes, and snacks. I got to hang out with my friends and went to the playground. The carnival was super fun.

Amelie C.



Text graphic: 'Washington Street School'

Washington Street Field Day

A special thank you to Mr. Brady and Mr. Boyle for organizing an exciting and fun field for students. Kindergarten thru 6th grade Students participated in a variety of games. Students have been preparing for the events during their scheduled gym classes by practicing their form and skills. - Madelin Z.

field day graphic


Big Buddy Awards

6th grade students who participated in the Big Buddy Program will be recognized on June 21st 2022 for their help and dedication at Washington Street. Some students reflected on their time as big buddies.

medal graphic

“ I enjoyed being able to meet so many students. It was so fun playing with them.” Jackelyn A.


“I loved teaching the kindergarten students new games like hopscotch.”- Laura M.


“I am going to miss playing with the kindergarteners next year. It was so nice being part of the Big Buddy Program.” Madelynn T.


Student  Students


6th Grade Accomplishments

6th grade students were asked to share their greatest accomplishments as they prepare for graduation.

Congrats graphic

Joseph S- “ My proudest moment of the year was getting into the awards ceremony this year.”


Jackelyn A.- “ I am proud to be a graduate of Washington Street School.”


Antonia S.- “ I am proud to reach my AR goal this year. I worked very hard on it”


Students  Students


Gacobo C.- “ Something I am really proud of was getting a 100% on Ms. Rogers science test.”

Bryan M. - “ I am proud that I have been able to be a part of many jobs in the school like library helper, art helper, bus monitor and big buddy. 

Jared C.- “ I am proud of the friendships I made this year and being able to work through 6th grade math, which was hard for me.”

Jake D.- “  My greatest accomplishment this year was getting straight A’s on my report cards and having a solo in chorus.

Daniel M.- “ I am most proud of receiving a high NYSSMA score this year.”

Aaron S.- “ I am proud to end the year with good grades. I can see that it all paid off”




Akil B. “ I am glad to have been more social this year and branched out.”

Madison M.- “ A goal that I met this year was to reach my AR goal.”

Stephanie S. - “ I am so proud of myself and the student I have become.”

Ana T.- “ I was honored to participate in the awards.”




Joe C.- “ My accomplishment this year was trying my hardest and not failing.”

Tristan D. “ My proudest accomplishment of 6th grade was getting the AR award. I was very surprised.”

Santiago M. “ I am proud of reaching my AR goal this year.”

Valentina M.-”  An achievement I had this year was getting good grades.”


Flag Day Celebration

Washington Street celebrated flag day on June 14th, 2022. Students showed their patriotism by wearing red, white and blue. The entire school participated in an assembly where Mr. O’Connor conducted the band. They played great patriotic songs. Mrs. Tesar sang too. 

flag graphic