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Polk Street School

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Sands Point 2023

This November, our graduating class visited Sands Point Preserve. We completed a nature study by investigating grasslands, beach shores and forests.  They even have two castles that were built many years ago.

On the sandy shore, overlooking the Long Island Sound, we dug up creatures, explored below the sand and examined sea life. In the grasslands, we found beetles, June bugs and worms. In the forest filled with tall trees, we found lantern flies and many non-living things, like decaying leaves and dirt.

Our trip was not only fun, but we learned a lot! We had a fun day!
By: Gianna A.


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"A Morning of Honor, A Day of Gratitude"
Veterans Day Assembly

At Polk Street, every year, we honor Veterans that fought for our country and risked their lives.  In the auditorium, special artwork was displayed and students read speeches.  Mr. Torossian welcomes the Veterans and Mr. Trotta reads their names. The band plays to honor the Veterans that lost their lives. At the end, we all sang and took pictures with the special guests. It was such a nice day!
By:  Nicole S.


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Anti-Bullying Week/PSS Spirit Week

In November, PSS celebrated Anti-bullying Week with five days of fun. Check out our slideshow of photos from "Put Bullying to Bed/Pajama Day," "Team Up Against Bullying/Team Jersey Day," "Pink Shirt Day," "Trading Places Day" and "PSS School Spirit Day."


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John Street News

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Where students report on the amazing happenings at John Street School



Halloween Parade 

We had a blast at our Halloween parade. The band was wonderful. We got to show off our costumes and have great fun. Thank you to the PTA, Mr. Riccobono, and the band for making it happen. We loved every minute.

By Marian

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Breast Cancer Awareness

JSS shows their Pink Power! It was great to make a donation. We support and care for everyone. John Street showed their support with specially made T-shirts and by wearing pink.  Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We can do this together!

By Ava P



Cradle of Aviation Field Trip

5th grade had a blast at the Cradle of Aviation field trip. The drones were incredible. It was such an amazing way to learn how to code and use technology. 5th grade also learned about space and more with technology. We all got a tour around the building and were able to explore around with your friends. 5th grade had a blast. 

By : Delilah



Happy Veteran’s Day

JSS celebrated Veterans Day and remembered all of the people who fought for our freedom and rights. Veterans from all over came to JSS to show how the military works and what it really means to be a veteran. They shared pictures and memorabilia with students. 

By Santino A 



🎃👻Passionate Pumpkin Patch

Welcome! This is the passionate pumpkin patch at John Street School!
A lot of John Street kids LOVE this pumpkin patch, especially us! Now let me tell you some fun stuff about it! We all got pumpkins, took pictures, and played games. Everyone had a great time. Thank you, PTA!

By Malina and Lea

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Text graphic: 'Washington Street School'

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Cool  2 Care Week

Washington Street kicked off bullying prevention month with our annual Cool 2 Care Week from October 10th through October 13th. The students participated in a bunch of fun activities all week long including Decades Day, WSS Spirit Day and Pajama Day. Additionally, students enjoyed a treat at the “Kindness Cafe” run by the Building Team students and decorated our school walkway with kind messages for “Chalk it up to Kindness.” Classes also met with their Buddy Classes for Friendly Friday to build community and responsibility within the school.


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Kindergarten Rock Garden

Rock Garden

As part of a SEL and Art collaboration, kindergarten students decorated kindness rocks. Students learned about the importance of being kind, what kindness means to them and how spreading kindness can make others smile. On November 2nd students visited the bertini gardens and placed their rocks outside as a continuous reminder of how important kindness is.


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Circus Project

The circus was in town! Thanks to the Washington Street PTA for bringing the National Circus Project back. Students enjoyed an exciting circus performance, practiced and learned new skills and had fun participating in different activities during their physical education classes. 6th grade students worked on different circus skills and put on an incredible show for parents and 1st grade students.


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Rise of Jack o Lantern

A great Washington Street tradition is the Rise of the Jack-o-lantern fundraiser. 6th grade students were asked to paint pumpkins. These pumpkins are put on display for each class to come and vote on which is their favorite. Students use quarters to vote on their favorite designs. The proceeds are donated to Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.


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Halloween Parade

WSS Halloween

On October 31st students and staff dressed up for the halloween parade at Washington Street School. Parents gathered outside on the chilly day to watch all of the creative costumes march around the school. Following the parade, Mr. O’Connor led the band in a great performance of festive songs.


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