NCLB - No Child Left Behind Act
Under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), the District is required to make the following notices regarding Title I program:

  • Professional qualification of teachers and teaching assistants
  • Parent notification any time students are taught for four or more consecutive weeks by teachers who are not highly qualified.
  • Requests to publicize District school parental involvement policy (Policy #1900)
The Board of Education believes that student achievement is directly linked to parent's involvement, and thus encourages such involvement in school educational planning and operations.  Parental involvement may take place either in the classroom or during extra-curricular activities.  However, the Board also encourages parental involvement at home (e.g., planned home reading time, informal learning activities, and/or homework "contracts" between parents and children).  The Board directs the Superintendent of Schools to develop a home-school communications program in an effort to encourage all forms of parental involvement.
To assure compliance with federal Title guidelines, The Board further directs the administration to implement programs, activities and procedures to achieve parental involvement in planning, designing and implementing such programs.  To this end, the District will send an annual newsletter informing parents of the reasons, objectives and methods of the program; provide training opportunities for parents to work with their children at home; convene an annual meeting for parents of participating students; and utilize such parents as volunteers or paid classroom aides.  Parent notification correspondence will be provided in the language understood by the parents.